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17 June 2006
Leave Them Be!
O frabjous day! We walked into Hobby Lobby this evening and they had started to put their fall flowers out! I ran directly to a beautiful stem of autumn leaves and gave it a hug. They have some gorgeous tall stems of leaves, and also some tall stems with gourds, autumn berries, etc. About three of the leaves and at least one gourd stem in a tall vase with a substantial bottom so it won't tip over, and it will be perfect for the foyer.

As we kept wandering around the store, it became obvious that they had been setting up for upcoming seasons. I passed several rows of Christmas greenery and up to the front of the store where they had more autumn decorations, a couple of display towers with fall ornaments on them including wire and leaf-wrapped cornucopias. I fell in love with some of the wood ornaments and promptly bought one: an angel about eight inches high, painted blue with a painted garland of autumn leaves around her skirt; her wings are made of metal cutouts of oak leaves. She has a portrait stand in the back. There were also smaller angels dressed in red with the same oak leaf wings, a carved "autumn" sign, a basket of apples with painted autumn leaves around it, etc. I'll have to go back with more coupons and get some of these pretty things.

I also bought a cute, small rowboat complete with a coil of "rope," two oars and two signal flags and a lobster pot under the seat. When I take down the spring decorations in the foyer I will have a seaside summer theme: the rowboat, a lighthouse, a large shell full of small ones, a seahorse made of shells, and a small wooden sailboat cutout that "bounds" over a cutout wave by means of a spring.