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03 March 2006
"Phil's Etagere" Rides Again
From 1984 until June of 1985 when I got hired at Robins ALC I worked for a little advertising agency in Macon. In the office for the longest time they had a white plastic etagere with some short shelves and some long shelves; my boss had it arranged so the short shelves flanked the long ones on both sides. It was used to hold decorative knicknacks and company literature.

When he got enough money, he decided to buy a new wooden unit and was going to sell off the etagere. We always needed storage space, so I asked if I could buy it and Phil sold it to me for $10.

Taken apart and used in different arrangements, that etagere has done yeoman duty for the past 21 years. The long portions have held books or the photo albums. The short portions became a bookcase night-table next to my side of the bed, held the birdcage, held the telephone, been a hall table.

We dismantled most of it and were toying with donating it, but I realized yesterday that I need more shelf space in the closet for my craft things. So Phil's etagere will go marching on. :-)