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03 March 2006
Considering an Extravagance
Twenty-one years ago when James and I started sharing an apartment, we needed curtains, so we went to this little fabric and domestics place that used to be in Warner Robins, Milam's. We knew the the apartment we were moving into was old and not well insulated, so we bought insulated curtains, two pair each of blue, beige, and a tweedy sort of blue and beige mixture, for $10/pair.

We've taken good care of those curtains and still have them. I was going to put the blue ones up in our bedroom, but the tweedy pair are the thickest and we like to have it as dark as possible in the room, so they are up instead. May still replace them with the blues, or put the blues up in the guest and craft room (the guest room already has a blue motif with the blue-and-gold quilt on the futon).

But I'm toying with the extravagance of buying new curtains for the great room and am getting sticker shock. I want more insulated curtains to save both heating and cooling energy and since I haven't been satisfied at what I've seen in the stores (and no insulated curtains to boot), I've been web surfing. The cheapest curtains are at least $55/pair. Wow.

I initially thought to buy the burgundy-color curtains from the Vermont Country Store—the red would blend well with the apple-and-cows theme in the dining room—but James pointed out if we go putting red curtains up against the neutral biscuit color of our walls the windows will become the focal point of the room rather than the fireplace and the television (can you tell we've been watching too many design shows on HGTV?). So while I was surfing I came upon a set of curtains for the same price at Plow and Hearth, and they are in a design called "falling leaves," which would tie in with the "Autumn Hollow" theme.

So should I be extravagant?