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27 April 2007
  Short Stuff
We went to Ikea tonight...yay! They finally had the five other shelves we needed for the bookcases downstairs. (The Ikea website says they are not in stock yet, so we were quite happy.)

I also bought one of the narrow (15 inch wide), short (41 inch) Billy bookcases. Behind our sofa we have two media "bookcases" that I bought at Target several years ago. These are cherry colored, only about 30 inches tall (about the height of a sofa table), and about the same wide. The shelves are also narrow-widthed, since they were made especially for videotapes and DVDs. Before we moved into the house, I went back to get another. The sofa is 92 inches long and three would just fit behind it.

Well, they would have if Target still made them. Grumble. We've had some cheap stackable DVD holders between the two of them, but they just The Billy is an okay alternative, although it's too tall and deeper than the others by three inches. The big problem is that the unfinished back of the Billy sticks up over the back of the sofa. I'm going to need to dig in the trunk for one of Mother's bureau scarves to cover up the eyesore.