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17 March 2007
  Project Library, Part 3
Two more down.

Friday afternoon I phoned Ikea, and the extra shelves that we needed for the pair of bookcases we had earmarked for the paperbacks were not back in stock yet.

Things that are out of stock for a while like that make me nervous, especially when you have begun a project in a certain color and are going to keep needing that color until you finish. What if the beech-color bookcases were on their way out? It would look terrible if we had to buy the four other bookcases in another color.

I phoned James and asked him if he wanted to have supper at Ikea. So it was chicken marsala again before going downstairs and picking up the remainder of the bookcases. One is not really expensive. Four are a bit of sticker shock. But now we're done buying bookcases.

Having nowhere to put them last night, we just stacked everything in the hall.

Tonight, after supper, we did the two paperback bookcases, even if we didn't have the shelves. What happened is I "cannibalized" two of the shelves meant for James' paperback bookcase for mine. Mine are now all out of the smaller bookcase I built and re-shelved. James used the two shelves that were left and shelved books he had left in one Xerox paper box and some fiction novels that he had finished that were upstairs. The rest can stay in the other set of bookshelves that I built that are in the "bay" between bookcases for now, and we'll keep watching Ikea. If it gets to the point that they don't get the beech-finish extra shelves in and we get fed up, we can always buy birch shelves, which are just a shade off. Since the shelving will be in the back, it won't be that noticable.

It was after ten when we finished, so we figured we will do the rest tomorrow.

We also re-hung the wire shelving in the garage that collapsed, recounted in the March 7 post. We added more hooks, including installing a couple upside down so the shelf couldn't pop up and out. We also distributed the weight of the boxes a bit better. Hope that works out.

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