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18 March 2007
  Project Library, Part 4
Well, it's not finished, but I'd say it's over eighty-five percent done.

We assembled the other four bookshelves and put them in place. Then James went upstairs to deal with some kitchen projects and I spent about three hours reshelving books. I haven't had such a good time doing hard work in a long time.

The history books now have their own bookcase. I want to organize the books by subject at some point, all World War II homefront books together, all Victorian/Edwardian books together, general American or British histories together.

The linguistics books are taking up half a bookcase. At the top of that one we also have our "art" books: Escher, Kincaid, Rockwell, and the Taaschen advertisement books.

The organizational books and our photos are now in one of the "cap" bookcases on the end.

One bookcase is actually almost empty, which I find enjoyable. Room for more! I have magazines in magazine holders and a few books (Roman albums for Star Blazers and Blake's 7 annuals) at the bottom. I'm going to sort through the magazines and bring all the decorating ones to work, just leaving the Reminisce issues and Best of British. I've found my "decorating style" and don't need them any longer.

One bookcase has now enabled me to separate the regular novels from the science fiction and fantasy novels—and there's room for James' Tom Clancy collection, too.

I've spread out my children's book collection in a rather higgilty-piggilty fashion in the second bookcase. All the "Little House" books are together at last.

The "cap" bookcase here holds all the American Girl books and underneath my copies of the Junior Classics and my books about children's books, like Gillian Avery's Behold the Child and also Where the Heather Grows, and the St. Nicholas anthologies, a Youths Companion sampler, and a book about The Brownies Book.

Last finished was the wall between the entry door and the bathroom. I have put one of my grandmother's kitchen chairs under the light switch, replacing the small bookcase that held the magazines and some computer books, with the computer desk we bought for the old computer next to it. But we erred when we bought that desk; it's too bulky and looks out of place. When we get a chance we are probably going to replace it. The small bookcase is now on the other side of the computer desk, under two magnetic bulletin boards James mounted on the wall. There are still some computer books in it and part of our collection of Backwoods Home.

Still need to figure out what to do with the Starlog issues.

And of course, now we need the other shelves.

But they're all up. Yay!!!

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