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08 April 2007
A Happy Easter!
The winds still blows!

porch from right

I had to go to Chattanooga to find a banner without bunnies or eggs.

porch from left

I love these "curly sheep" from Hobby Lobby.


Where Easter meets autumn. Unfortunately you can't see "Chickles" well. He looks like he's giggling. The brown bunny is "Rupert" and the grey bunny is "Leonard."

Easter fireplace

The doggerel on the message board states:

"Spring is sprung,
The grass is riz--
And we sure know where
The Pollen is!"

Easter on console

That cow ends up in everything. :-) This is the chick candy bowl we got at Hallmark.

Easter table

Microwave cart, with trimming.

the microwave cart

They're not chocolate bunnies, but sculptures from Big Lots.

foil bunnies

More sheep. (Not to mention the two small ones on the back of the sofa.)

china cabinet display