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03 May 2006
Down to the Bits
So the rockets are finally out of the downstairs bathtub :-) and it's primarily a bathroom again rather than an overflow storage place. I put up the shower curtain last night—it's not like it's actually going to be used, but could be useful if we ever do some grimy yardwork or something like spreading insecticide. Since it's the bathroom next to James' hobby room, I decorated it with the metal signs he's accumulated over time featuring airplanes. The capper is the nightlight, which I found at Michael's: it looks like the front half of an airplane, with the cockpit lighted and a red light on either wing.

Last night while I was watching Texas Ranch House and House, I worked on and finished the Autumn Hollow sign. James put it up in the foyer and I flanked it on either side with the copper-painted "J" and "L" wooden initials that used to be in our kitchen. He commented that it needs a bit of color, so maybe I'll take it down and pull out my paint pots to give the leaves I sketched on it a bit of autumn color. (Or maybe I'll just hunt up the autumn leaf wreath I bought at A.C. Moore last summer, which is supposed to go above it.) I also rummaged in the box of artwork and found several little prints (5x7) that I dotted in the hallway (one a ethereal-looking rabbit in the snow, another an English robin, a third a framed Susan Branch postcard with a Robert Louis Stevenson quotation on it). Found three more fannish pieces of artwork that I added to the collection on the stairway.

Just made an appointment to have the retractable screen guy come over on Friday morning. Have been looking at decent-looking screen doors in the Lowe's catalog and we might as well just put up one of these instead, since there's not room on the deck for a real screen door.