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30 April 2006
  Up Ladder
Not much done on the house this weekend. I have mounted a few more pictures and this afternoon James installed the heavy-duty hooks in the garage to hold the big ladder. It's now off the floor and the bicycle can be parked in its place. Also have all the heavy-duty extension cords off the floor and the box they were in is gone.

All our boxes are gone. Two friends of ours are planning to move (she wants to be closer to her mother and also wishes to live in the country; her home which was once "way out in Douglasville" is now surrounded by developments) and have been taking all the boxes we empty. Saturday they came to get the last load and then treated us to dinner at Longhorn. This was a very happy surprise. We had a great meal and a great time talking.

We also availed ourselves of 30 percent off Border's coupons today and saw the Blue Angels perform again from the same vantage point on Cobb Parkway.