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28 April 2006
  Well, Fiddlesticks...
JoAnn is having a "Daffodil Dash" or something weird like that this weekend. We went tonight with 50 percent off coupons, but what we both wanted were already half off. James got two more plastic totes for the remainder of the model kits (then that will empty the final box). I caved in and bought a 10x20 frame for a triple print I have of pseudo-Thomas Kincade cottages (thatched roofs, flowers, bridges, the whole magilla). I had bought this originally for the old living room, but am now putting it over the jetted tub to make a "chill-out area." (Now all that's needed is some fluffy towels, one of those terry-cloth head rests—oh, yeah, and turning on the motor...LOL.)

So I get home, take the back off (it has those little strips of metal you bend back to get the cardboard out), put the print in, press the metal strips back down—and the glass breaks! #!#$!%!@$$%!!

Luckily I also had a 10x20 poster frame I was planning to use for the lighthouse print for the hall bathroom. This has plastic in it instead of glass, but beggars can't be choosers. I'm not spending $15 on another frame (and that was half price!) if I don't have to.

It's up now; looks quite nice.