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26 April 2006
  The Last Box?
Actually, we've unpacked the next-to-the-last box (there's another in James' hobby room and one in the downstairs bathtub, but they're actually being used to store things right now). Doug! You can come get the rest of the boxes now! John! Your furniture is waiting! I emptied the big box with the artwork in it last night and have positioned things where I want them to go, if not yet up on the wall. I have pulled out several of the great airplane photos and artwork James has to put in the hallway leading to his room. I found another wonderful tin reproduction sign, this one saying "Learn to fly," probably from the 1930s. That will also go in the downstairs bath with the other metal signs.

I found an empty 11x14 frame and framed a pretty autumn countryside "oil painting" I found at my mom's. (Remember those art fairs they used to have in the 1970s, mostly in Holiday Inns, where you bought artwork for your home? This picture came from one of them. There's also one of those big-eyed dogs on the model of the big-eyed moppet craze from the same era.) It's now down in the foyer. I've pretty much decided where the rest of the fan art will go and want to mount The Wizard of Speed and Time poster over the coatrack. James is worried that it will fade, but then anywhere we could put it where someone would see it will be subject to fading. That's the problem with being able to see something—you need light! :-)

The last box is in our bedroom and holds the artwork that used to be in the old master bedroom: Sherrye's cross-stitch for our wedding, the 23rd Psalm and puppy/kitten sleeping next to each other that I did, the dreamcatcher, the cross-stitch pieces James' sister did of our birthplaces, etc. I suspect I will hold that for a while since I haven't quite decided what I want to do with the room yet. I'm thinking I might want to get a couple of 15" Billy towers to replace the two bookcases and move things about so there is more room for a small armchair. Ikea has something called a Tullsta that is kinda cute. They used to have a small armchair called a "Jennylund," but they have changed the design and now it is full sized.

Speaking of Ikea, here is the Bygel wall storage system James installed behind the door of my craft room. I'm thinking of getting another rail and more baskets or two to keep more pens and pliers and paintbrushes in. Here's the Nyled James is using in the kitchen: a long bar over the counter with just the hooks and the shorter one over the stove with a cutlery caddy for wooden spoons and the like, and the spice rack.