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24 April 2006
  Horizontal at Last
The shelves are finally up in the guest room with stuffed animals and Babylon 5 action figures liberally distributed upon them. The dresser has been moved to its proper place in the guest room with a mirror mounted above and our old radio alarm clock brightening its top. I also put up three corner shelves to hold some of the stuffed menagerie as well.

James also installed two narrow blue shelves over the closet in my craft room and I have my St. Jude statue and some other knicknacks up there, and a railing from which I have hung two storage baskets (a system from Ikea) where I have my pens and pliers and other tools. I mounted the two small decorative shelves myself (they just rest on nails) and one holds the clock I made and the other has my Maxwell Smart action figure.

James also mounted a short board outside and I used Scotch exterior mounting tape to fasten a shallow ceramic bowl with a bird on one rim (from JoAnn's "Garden Gate" collection). This has water in it for the birds at the feeder.

James did go downstairs today and assemble the small metal computer desk we found at Ikea and set up his old computer on it. He's erased all the files no longer needed and is just going to have games on there. We figure if we have a party and the younger set gets bored, they can go downstairs and knock out a few videogames.