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27 April 2006
Is That A Stairway I See Before Me?
Hurrah! All the fan art is up on the stairway wall! I put it up last night after polishing frames, cleaning glass, and using quantities of poster tape to re-stick matte frames back to their backing. These include two very funny black-and-white Star Trek prints, one with Scotty in kilts with a bunch of teddy bears dressed similarly, another with Sulu with his sword and some teddies in samurai costumes. (I don't ordinarily like teddy bears, but these are amusing), a beautiful color print of a space shuttle launching, a cute little dog in a space suit being taken "walkies" on the Moon, and the small but hilarious cartoon I purchased at Magicon, a collie with an ex-Smurf in her mouth, the caption being "Good girl, Lassie!" The largest of these is a very beautiful color piece of Mennolly and the boy character in Anne McCaffrey's "Harper Hall" series (is it Jaxom, or is he just in Dragondrums?) in front of a pool with Mennolly's fire lizards swarming around her. (I say "the boy character" because I've never read any of the Harper Hall books, but I fell in love with the picture, which is indicative of how lovely it is.)

At the bottom of the landing is also a framed print—can't even remember where we got this—of a little boy out in the night, consulting a book with a flashlight, while the stars and planets and the Milky Way wheels above him in the midnight blue of the sky. I told James the boy reminds me of how I picture him as a kid, always searching the sky.

I had previously placed a nice autumn print of a farm where the Mennolly pic ended up, so I changed that to the space between the china cabinet and the Expedit divider. (I'm so glad we didn't purchase the larger one; it would have been too much.) Underneath, I placed the wonderful metal pieplate from Table Talk that we found in Mom's cellar, polished up but still looking "distressed" as is the fashion. Goes well with the farm and the farmhouse table and chairs.