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12 November 2005
Look, Ma, Concrete!
We got to Trellis Oaks today to find that someone has finally moved that darn work truck that always seemed to be parked in front of the lot.

They finished the forms some time last week, and Gwen said she saw them pouring the cement yesterday when she left.

Voilà; a foundation!

foundation of house

And this appears to be our framing and floor trusses and roof joists:

pile of wood

I continue to accumulate little things that we need or want: I got some fall themed kitchen towels and hot pads at K-mart for a nominal sum.

(I went looking in K-mart for curtains. I had trouble finding them because they were two tiny aisles up front; I remember when K-mart had a big long aisle with all sorts of curtains; sad. Of course I also couldn't find it because I was looking for "curtains" and it was labeled "window treatments." {eyes roll} What are you treating them for, excess starch?)

At Bed Bath & Beyond I found more magnetic vent covers. We use these in the winter to save heat in rooms we don't use and also in our bedroom, which we like to keep cool. I also was wandering about their storage area and found a folding table that can be adjusted to four different heights for a very reasonable price. I've been looking for a craft table that I can use without worrying about getting paint or stain on it. Right now I do crafts on the coffee table, covered over with waxed paper. I had another coupon, so I bought the table—it was around $15.