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02 August 2007
Over the weekend we went to Ikea and bought the last two pieces we needed for the library, a Norden gateleg table, which James wanted for gaming purposes while taking up little space, and the short, narrow Billy bookcase.

Last night James put the table together, then he helped me finish the Billy. We wanted it to be a little taller, but not full 72" height, so we bought the height extension unit for it. The height extension unit is designed to be used with the taller unit only, so we used brass mending plates at the back and the front to fasten the two together. Unfortunately, since Ikea figures that on the taller unit the top will be out of sight, they did not finish the edges of the side boards. No matter. I will go in the trunk for one of Mom's bureau scarves and that will make it look neater.

The table is narrow enough to be stored in the hallway and used as an extra shelf. It is solid wood and quite heavy, however, so we will be buying casters for it.