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02 February 2006
From the Ground Up
Finished walking around the house with the building inspector a little while ago. His name is Dan Curl and he came highly recommended by two of our friends. I'm in agreement. If you need a home inspection in the Atlanta area, here's his website. Much interesting info there.

We walked around the yard, checking the drainage, checked the grounding for the electrical system, then he went up in the attic to look at the AC (and told me something about it while I stood on the ladder), we tested all the water, the stove, the dishwasher, the jetted tub, etc, etc, etc. He was very impressed with the builder and found only small faults. In fact, he was very impressed with whomever did the wiring and thought the breaker box so outstanding that he took a photo of it!

In 45 minutes we have the walk through with the builder. I made some notes of cosmetic things, but at least I know now that the major things are correct.