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01 January 2006
A Pet Visit
It was warm this afternoon so we took the critters to the house. It was chilly downstairs, so I had to keep Pidgie's carry box wrapped mostly in his cage cover while we were downstairs, but it was nice outside.

Willow seems to love the deck and the fact she can get up on her hind legs and look out the window. We are planning to put her crate next to the dining room window and she usually sits on top of it, so she should be able to look outside to her heart's content. We stood on the deck for a while and watched a red-headed woodpecker tap his way up a big pine tree in the back yard before he flew off.

We also stood on the front porch for a while where Pidgie found his voice and serenaded the neighborhood with a volley of loud chirps.

I was wrong; they have done something in the past two weeks: replaced the part of the ceiling they tore down to put the deck up. Otherwise it looks the same as the last time we took pictures: the electrical and phone connections need to go in, the cabinets and counters and the rest of the kitchen, the woodwork around the doors, the fixtures, etc.