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18 December 2005
Glop and All That
Here's the house as seen from the sales office home.

the neighborhood

If I wasn't sure about the grey sidings, I am now. Looks better than it did in the samples. A nice cloudy day sky.

James at house

This is the foyer; doesn't look like much now. Imagine it with a two-level tier table with a lamp, and some nice hooks for coats.

foyer to be

They've also finished the brickwork on the fireplace. The mantel will be white with an "architectural flourish" below. I'm hoping to stencil it.

great room to be

James on the deck. It's 12x10. (I think he's planning where to put the grill. [grin])

James on deck

Here's the deck from the rear of the house. We are hoping to buy two Sky Chairs in the fall and mount them under the deck.

deck from back of house

The bonus room downstairs (these are the two windows you saw under the deck). They had to take the ceiling down to put in the lag bolts for the deck. (Yeah, they should have done that first, but these folks seem to do it the hard way.

Anyway, imagine it filled with bookshelves. And a nice big papasan chair under the window. And with a stereo or radio for music.

library in progress

"Glop" in the title is because you can see where they patched the walls with drywall mud. It was still damp and squishy where the extra seeped into the holes for the electrical connections. (I know because I touched it.) It stuck to our shoes and left powder on our coats. Funny how a mess can become a house.