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15 December 2005
Things That Will Be Nice About the New House
• Tools can be kept in the garage, not in the laundry room.
• My glass-painting and other craft stuff will not have to be stored in the laundry room.
• Rocketry material can be stored in James' room, not the laundry room.
• The ironing things will not have to be stored in the laundry room.
• Our yard shoes won't have to be stored in the laundry room.

(You know, I think our present laundry room is a TARDIS...)

• After we work in the yard, we will not have to walk through the den to get to the laundry room (I put newspaper on the carpet, but still worry about it getting dirty and still having fragments of ant granules on our clothes).
• My cross-stitching material and books will not have to be stored in the den.
• All the main rooms will be on one floor. Whomever is cooking will not have to feel "left out" of activities on the main floor—and can listen and respond to Jeopardy. :-)
• We'll have room for a freezer and can buy sale stuff in bulk.
• There should be enough room for the books. :-)
• There will be a larger closet for the holiday things.
• There will be a foyer where friends can hang their coats.
• The convection microwave will not have to be on the kitchen counter taking up space.
• We'll have a pantry cupboard instead of freestanding units that take up space.
• We can actually use the kitchen table and not feel left out being away from the main room.
• The phone connection for the computers won't be upstairs and involve stringing a phone cord from the living room down the stairs into the den.
• I won't have to cover the coffee table with wax paper when I need space to do crafts.
• We'll have a deck where James can grill.