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03 December 2005
Wired, The Sequel
We had a corrected amendment to initial, so we visited the house today instead of tomorrow. The electrical wiring has indeed been put in, as has all the ductwork and the A/C unit/gas furnace, and the gas has been plumbed as well. I don't see the water heater yet.

All the water plumbing is in as well and the tub has been installed and plumbed, and it is not a jetted tub. Elizabeth says she doesn't understand either, but that they can convert the plain tub to a jetted tub; they've done it before. And if it ain't done before we move in, we can just say, "Hey, where's our jetted tub?" and they've got to fix it and make it look good or we don't have to sign a thing.

The fireplace is also installed; Elizabeth thought it was a gas log, but it's just a gas starter for wood. We'll have to install a gas log fixture, since I don't want real wood in the house (it's full of bugs). (Unless this is some new type of gas jet that is both a starter and a log burner.) We won't get the same deal we got on the one we have now: Home Depot Expo had a nice gas log set on sale for $50 and we had a $30 gift card. And Jerry helped us install it. (Thanks, Jerry!) We may need him again. :-)

Alex suggested we go take photos of the walls with the wiring in them just in case we want to put something in a wall and don't want to hit a pipe or a wire. I guess we can go tomorrow. The phone lines are already in; despite the prospectus saying that only the great room, kitchen, and master bedroom are wired for phones, there seems to be a phone jack in every room (it has blue wire in it; unless this is the "Cat 5 cable" they said was in every room).

God, I'm tired. I wish this cold would vamoose. I've only had it three days and I'm exhausted from it already.