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20 November 2005
Parts Is Parts
We went back to the house today because James saw some holes in the walls that bothered him. We took pictures of any holes and noted down anything that bothered us and left the floppy disk of photos and a list of corresponding notes at the sales office.

Here is James in the kitchen, standing where the sink will eventually be. The stove will be in the corner, against the diagonal wall right behind his right shoulder.

James in the framed kitchen

The foreground where I am taking the photo is the dining room and the space in the back is the "great room" (no one has living rooms any longer).

Here's the view of the back yard from the dining room windows:

The back yard

This is the view from the great room looking straight at where the front door will be; you can see James' truck parked outside.

Looking toward the front door

The house faces due west (I brought a compass). This means the kitchen will get the morning sun, which is cool. Our bedroom windows will face north and the living room windows south.

On the way home we also tried out the Food Depot nearby as we needed supplies for James' breakfast burritos. It already has approval from James: they carry the Hood's Carb Smart chocolate milk. They also have a lot better produce section than the one here on Powder Springs Road.