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24 September 2005
We Go For It
(Reprint with additions from "Yet Another Journal.")

We have decided to try for the house. Since we found the place we have been at the development every weekend. Elizabeth now knows us when we come in for water and to use the bathroom. The main thing, though, is when we go through the house we can imagine living there. I can envision getting up in the morning and using that bathroom, or going into the kitchen for breakfast and perhaps stepping out onto the deck to check the weather.

Next week we'll contact some of the preferred lenders and see if we can get prequalified for a mortgage.

I seem to have made a slight mistake. The prospectus from the development doesn't tell you where it actually is. Because it was so near to the store where James used to work, I assumed it was in Smyrna. But apparently it's still in Marietta (if we're reading the maps correctly, the mailing address is Marietta, but Trellis Oaks is not within the city limits; it's just in Cobb County). Oh, well, we'll just have to walk around the mall instead of a walking track.

(Oddly, if you look at a Marietta zoning map, we aren't in the city of Marietta here, either, at least not for most tax purposes. We're surrounded by the city, but not in it. Marietta sanitation picks up our trash and we pay a school tax, but if we call the police or the fire we get Cobb County respondents, not city of Marietta. Weird, eh, considering we're three miles from downtown!)

We will, if we get in, be able to pick things our way. This means no nasty dusty wall-to-wall carpeting and no nasty burning fluorescent light in the kitchen. James thinks there is a network connection throughout the house (we didn't have a Cat5 cable to test it with) and the agent says she thinks it's not just a gas starter in the fireplace but a gas log (which is nice, but we can always buy a gas log if not).

We had a slight pause when we ran the address through Earthlink's online gizmo that tells you if DSL is available. It said no. Just as a joke, however, I ran our present address through it. It says DSL isn't available here. Um...what is it I'm talking here on, then? Ooooh, it's magic!

So we actually don't know if it's available in that area or not. Hm. The development is so new the street isn't on Google or MapQuest.