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23 March 2008
  Happy Easter!
Easter was so early I didn't get to post my St. Joseph's Day altar.

St. Joseph's altar

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Bunnies galore

Egg door greeting and lamb

And of course, Ivy

Foyer things:


The rose I bought for Mom on Valentine's Day:

Mom's rose

Easter tree and

Curly sheep and roses

Dining room:

dining table arrangement

Spring and Easter arrangement

Fall and winter join greetings

More Easter

Foil bunnies on the pass through

These goofy-looking chicks are from JoAnn, I think (either that or Hobby Lobby):

Goofy chicks

These more traditional chicks are from JoAnn, sitting on the satellite box:

Traditional chicks

Stuffed animals guard the Easter candy on the hearth:

Stuffed animals and candy

"PLEASE can I have some chocolate?" "CERTAINLY NOT!"

No, you cannot have the chocolate!

Schuyler had watermelon for the first time today. She loved it!


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