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06 November 2007
  New Lamps for Old (the coda)
After going crazy, especially with the installation of the pendant light, we wondered if we actually needed to swap out the large round fixture for the smaller one in the prep area of the kitchen. We had both thought that the larger fixture had another socket, which would have given us three of them rather than two, but that was not so.

However, since the larger fixture did have a larger reflective surface, James did put that one up in the prep area. In addition, instead of reusing the existing soft white 60 watt "Helco" or whatever the brand of bulbs were, since we could not put up anything of a larger wattage according to the UL listing on the socket, we replaced them with clear 60 watt bulbs.

Whoa. Before it was just bright enough to see the food, now I feel like I should be tap-dancing and singing along to the "Back on Broadway" song from Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (or reciting Luke for Charlie Brown).