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21 October 2006
Cursed Floral Wire
Several years ago I did a project that required floral wire. I bought a reel from Michael's.

A couple of years later I needed the floral wire again, but, although I knew it was somewhere in the laundry room, I couldn't find it. So I bought another reel.

Of course soon after I bought the second reel the first turned up again.

Today, after scrubbing both bathrooms as well as the dog, going to Wally World for staples, and working on a project, I trooped downstairs to get the Hallowe'en items. I planned to hang the three signs, at least, on the porch railings with the floral wire, which I saw just recently.

Guess what I couldn't find. Arrrrrgh!!!!

I used paperclips instead. @#%%@#!$@#!%!!! floral wire!

house decorated for Hallowe'en

Yes, this is a different photo from the one posted a few hours ago.

I put some other things up in the foyer, but the light was so contrast-y with the bright sunlight coming through the sidelights and cleristory that the photo looked dreadful. Maybe later on when the sun goes down.