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16 July 2006
James' Project
James has wanted a spray booth for ages. At the other house he used to go out on the front porch and spray models. Of course this led to the problems of what to do when it rained (since it wasn't an enclosed porch) or the matter of little nosy insects who came buzzing by and embedded themselves in the paint (not to mention the dust and the leaves).

Awhile back, a friend of ours who works at CDC found out they were getting rid of their downdraft spray tables. Not auctioning them off, just tossing them out. She grabbed one and gave it to James. This is like a little square box (that's it on the bottom, the black thing with the red printing) which has a blower in it that extracts the paint spray and fumes through a series of filters and then out.

So when we bought the house, James confused the heck out of the builder by asking for a second dryer vent about four feet off the ground, but they did it.

Tonight he finally finished putting it together. He got dryer ductwork from Lowe's and put it together with aluminum tape—this feeds from the blower exit to the dryer vent and outside the house—then built the booth itself with foamboard from Michael's (since it will get messy with spray paint anyway) and put an inexpensive fluorescent light stick at the top. So he can pivot the models around to spray them, he's using a simple Rubbermaid turntable.

As Snagglepuss used to say, "Viola!"

James' spray booth