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09 February 2006
Nominated for Sainthood
Caran Wilbanks
Doug Barbour

who came over after work and helped us move out everything we had boxed. All the books are gone except the three bookcases and the computer books that need packing, and the DVDs and videos, two small bookcases, all of James' packed kits, the rockets and rocket engines, some other small pieces of furniture, the rockers from the front porch, about half of the clothes in the closet, other various things. Caran and I started a little after six; Doug and James showed up about seven. We made two trips and were done about 10:30, at which time James and I finally had time for a Wendyburger. My back is now screaming. I took a Motrin before I ate.

Now we need to get more boxes and pack some more.

Got a big shock when we stepped into the two front bedrooms: boy they were warm. They're right under the furnace and does it show. We'll need to shut the vents in there.