Autumn HollowAutumn Hollow
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23 November 2006
Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome to the house:

Welcome to the house!

Come up the stairs:

the foyer

Check out the fireplace:


As you can see, we were watching the dog show:

Harry Potter, Thanksgiving, TV

The table before setting:

Come to the table!

Let's get some dishes out and eat!:

Let's get some dishes and eat!

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03 November 2006
Finishing Touches
At least that's what it's going to have to be for now, since I went to Michael's this morning and pretty much found it stripped of autumn decorations, and what was left was 50 percent off. Wow, what a clearout.

Hobby Lobby was better. I only got a few things in each store, and all of them half price or with a 40 percent off coupon.

One thing was a metal cornucopia with a surface of "rusty" leaves and wire, leaving openings. The feet for it were rusted sleigh bells. I filled it with part of a fall garland and some small plastic pumpkins and gourds. I put that on the plant stand on the front porch.

This is the other thing I put together:

Pilgrims and leaves in cart

The Pilgrims are sitting on a styrofoam block I got at Hobby Lobby with the 40 off coupon. The Pilgrims, the cart, and the pumpkin on the cart were all half price at Michael's, the leaf garland half price at Hobby Lobby. The "cornstalks" are actually raffia bows stuck in the cart upside down (got those with the 40 off Michael's coupon).

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