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04 July 2010
The Shelf Project
We had three of those "As Seen on TV" corner shelves in the spare bedroom to hold some stuffed animals. These are cool shelves and work very well IF the corner of the room is exactly 90 degrees. Unfortunately the corner in this room was more like 92-93 degrees, and the popout supports on either side kept coming out of the wall and the shelves would fall down. Good thing all that was on them was stuffed!

Here are some:

(These have a round outside edge; we have the original ones where the outside edge was flat, making the shelf triangular.)

I saw the shelves below in the unpainted wood section of JoAnn during their last "Firefly Frenzy" and got all three with coupons, so they were about $5 each. I loved the metal support underneath! The top and edge are painted with Plaid's Apple Barrel Gloss "Real Brown." After the "Real Brown" was dry, I polished it up with some Pledge.

The underside is done with Folk Art's matte "mushroom." Here they are on the wall, 14" inches apart.

They are hung each with one 6d nail with a broad head set directly in the corner.

I have put the "As Seen on TV" shelves down in the laundry room, where the corner is exactly 90 degrees, and they are holding extra sponges, stain lifter bottles, my brads, etc.