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12 September 2014
Some Wall Redecorating
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In my craft room:

The top shelf originally held a clock I didn't like, and the bottom the collectible Maxwell Smart figure James had bought me. Max is now tacked up next to the phonograph and I may rework the clock if I can find a new clock face for it. But I have a clock for the room now, so maybe not. And the "me shelf" now has a place besides on my art desk.

Closer look at the "me shelf," which is supposed to be a collection of miniature items that represent my interests. Almost all of these came from the Country Pickin's people who show up at the Yellow Daisy Festival, including the little shelf itself, some as purchased and some repainted, like the slate that's become a tablet, or the two big books on the second shelf which were painted and had printed covers put on them. I made the cross stitch frame out of toothpicks and a piece of linen. The drawing pencil is also a painted toothpick, and the box it's resting on should say "art supplies," but I haven't done that yet. The one that talks about stitchery was originally for sewing; I took the little spools off it and replaced them with "skeins" of floss. The books stacked up under the drawing pad have printed covers; one is "Sleigh Bells for Windy Foot." The encyclopedia volume at top right was a Hallowe'en spell book, repainted. The map (of Great Britain nonetheless—what a lucky find!) and the smaller stacked books in blue, brown, red and green are from the miniatures collection at Michael's. The little sheep and the cottage seemed to fit, although the cottage isn't done yet. I want to give it an autumn tint, and leaves scattered about.

The "art wall": an original Alice Spivey at top, Andy Runton's print of Owly and friends as some time traveling favorites, the stag print I bought at DragonCon this year, and a Mary Bloemker print which was included in one of her fanzines, "Faces of Time." Plus Mom and Cousin Anna Furtado smiling down at me at right.

And the recent redo of the wall in the spare room. I figured the poster fit the travel theme. [big wide grin]


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